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Online Diagnosis - Accurate online medical diagnosis of symptoms, illnesses, diseases, and psychiatric disorders. Helen T. Rosenthal, MD; Sarah J. Thompson, MD; David Mann, MD; Joanne F. Masterson, MD

Color Textbooks and Photographic Atlases of Skin Diseases

Medical Journals and Full Text Medical Book Library

Physicians' Drug Resource
Drug dosages and drug information online.

Journal of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Rebecca M. Davis, MD; Stanford F. Brandenberg, MD, MHS; Michael G. Wang, MD, PhD; Janet W. Mead, MD; Fredrick T. Larson, MD

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Cynthia M. Spencer, MD; Peter L. Gordon, MD; David M. Schwab, MD; Colin F. Christianson, MD

Journal of Psychiatry
Thomas C. Kramer, MD; Alan L. Cook, MD; Margaret  V. Coleman, MD; William W. Albertson, MD

Journal of Medicine
Paul M. Koop, MD; Eric W. McKenney, MD; Paul S. Fujisawa, MD

Journal of Family Medicine
Michael K. Johnson, MD; Albert M. Blitzer, MD; Douglas F. Stevens, MD; Richard W. Donaldson, MD; Walter D. Ellison, MD

Journal of Primary Care Medicine
Steven D. Weaver, MD; Kay H. Jarvis, MD; Roslyn W. Schnoll, MD, PhD; Elizabeth K. Princeton, MD

Journal of Surgery
David T. Fine, MD, MSc; Sidney E. Stone, MD, PhD; Daniel V. Singer, MD

Journal of Emergency Medicine and Acute Primary Care
Christine J. Erickson, MD; Linda R. Ballantyne, MD; Carol P. Kimball, MD; Suzanne L. Simpson, MD

Journal of AIDS/HIV
Stuart T. Ames, MD; Harold R. Eagleton, MD, MPH; Andrew G. Bindeman, MD

Psychiatry and Mental Health Library
Thomas C. Kramer, MD; Beverly L. Cook, MD; Jessica  M. Walters, MD; William J. Albertson, MD

Medical Reference Library
Miriam S. Brody, MD; Fredrick M. Vincent, MD, PhD; Thomas Y. Richardson, MD

Women's Health Library
Christopher M. Schultz, MD; Scott W. Ricci, MD; Christie H. Rogers, MD; Margaret G. Kapoor, MD

Children's Health Library
Richard Y. Coley, MD; Thomas P. Marie, MD; Judith D. Laval, MD; Joan C. Hogue, MD; William D. Edmund, MD

Textbooks and Medical Reference Books Online


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