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Smallpox - Online Diagnosis


Online diagnosis of smallpox based on the patient's symptoms.
New Treatments, August 1, 2011.

For how many days has the rash been present?

How old is the patient?

Does the patient have fever? 

Yes No

Does the patient appear tired?

Yes No

Is the rash red?

Yes No

Is the rash bumpy?

Yes No

Does the rash have blisters?

Yes No

Is the rash present on the palms or soles? Yes    No 

Symptoms of smallpox

The illness begins with fever, malaise, and backache. The rash appears within 2 to 4 days and evolves from spots to bumps to blisters to pustules and finally crusts. The initial skin abnormalities occur on the palms and soles and feel firm, like "BB shots." The distribution tends to occur on the arms and hands and legs and feet on extensor surfaces.

Karen Williams, MD

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This interactive medical program finds a diagnosis for smallpox.