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Initiate Treatment with Stimulus control therapy


Stimulus control therapy may also be beneficial in patients with chronic idiopathic insomnia. Bootzin's stimulus control technique is directed at discouraging the learned association between the bedroom and wakefulness, and reestablishing the bedroom as the major stimulus for sleep. These techniques have been reported to improve insomnia complaints in approximately 50 percent of individuals after one year.

Stimulus Control Rules

  • Go to bed only when sleepy
  • Do not watch television, read, eat, or worry while in bed. Use bed only for sleep and sex
  • Get out of bed if unable to fall asleep within ten minutes and go to another room. Return to bed onlywhen sleepy. Repeat this step as many times as necessary throughout the night
  • Set an alarm clock to wake up at a fixed time each morning including weekends
  • Do not take a nap during' the day


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Sarah J. Thompson, MD


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