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Persons with OCPD may fail to seek treatment for the OCPD symptoms. They may seek treatment instead for disorders and problems that are secondary to their OCPD traits, including anxiety disorders, health problems (e.g., cardiovascular disorders), and problems in various relationships (e.g., marital, familial, and occupational). Treatment is complicated by their inability to appreciate the contribution of their personality to these problems and disorders. It is not unusual for persons with OCPD to perceive themselves as being simply conscientious, dutiful, moral, and responsible, rather than perfectionistic, stubborn, rigid, domineering, and unavailable. Their understanding is complicated further by the contribution of their traits to various achievements and success (e.g., career advancement) and to the control of negative affect (e.g., ability to control feelings of dysphoria during a crisis).


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Sarah J. Thompson, MD


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