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Laboratory Tests in the Management of HIV Infection

Plasma Viral RNA Load

Ultrasensitive Viral Load Assays

Viral Load Below 500 Predicts Duration of Virologic Response

Roche HIV-1 Monitor

Chiron bDNA v.3

- novel chemistry gives higher specificity


Organon Teknika Nuclisens

   - Separates RNA from PCR inhibitors

   - Better quantitation in Tissues

   - Automated Extractor may improve throughput

Comparison Ultrasensitive Assays

Summary Ultrasensitive VL

The Value of Viral Culture


Definition of Viral Drug Resistance


Methods of Measuring Resistance

-Sequencing of PR and RT


Mutation Nomenclature


Genotypic Patterns of Resistance

Comparison of Methods for Viral Resistance Genotype

The Problem of the Minor Variant


Methods of Measuring Resistance

Comparison of Phenotyping Methods