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Torette's Syndrome

Torette's Syndrome is initially characterized by motor tics in 80% of cases, and these tics most commonly involve the face. In the remaining 20%, the initial symptoms are phonic tics; all patients ultimately develop a combination of different motor and phonic tics. These are noted first in

Examination usually reveals no abnormalities other than the tics. In addition to obsessive-compulsive behavior disorders, psychiatric disturbances may

The diagnosis of the disorder is often delayed for years, the tics being interpreted as psychiatric illness or some other form of abnormal movement. Patients are thus


Treatment of Torette's syndromeis symptomatic and may need to be continued indefinitely. Haloperidol is Treatment with clonazepam Phenothiazines, such as fluphenazine (2B15 mg daily), have been used, but patients unresponsive to haloperidol are usually unresponsive to these as well.

Pimozide, an oral dopamine-blocking drug related to

There are a few anecdotal reports that calcium channel blockers may be Torette's syndrome, Tourette syndrome, Tourettes, Torettes, Toretes, touretes