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Pathology of the Vagina, Uterus, Oviduct, and Placenta

Vaginal wall cysts and tumors

 Inclusion cysts: usually a consequence of trauma

Wolffian (mesonephric) duct cysts

A developmental abnormality

Importance lies in the ability to mimic glandular neoplasm

Can rarely be demonstrated to give rise to carcinomas

Developmental (structural) abnormalities of müllerian system can lead to "cysts'

Vaginal polyp (fibroepithelial polyp): some polyps have stromal cells but are distinguished from sarcoma botryoides by

Vaginal-cervical adenosis and adenocarcinoma

Ectopic location of müllerian-type epithelium


Inflammation of the cervix

Acute cervicitis

Variety of organisms produce similar effect

Importance for cytologist: repair vs dysplasia

Chlamydia trachomatis

Most common sexually transmitted disease in the western world


Forty percent of genital lesions are not clinically apparent

Cervicovaginitis emphysematosa

Pregnancy in 50%

Cervical polyps

Variety of patterns: inflammatory vs proliferative

Microglandular hyperplasia mimics adenocarcinoma: related to oral contraceptive

Decidual polyps may mimic squamous carcinoma. Arias-Stella reaction can occur in pregnant patients

Uterus Cervix

A. Cancer of the uterine cervix