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Pathology and Diseases of the Vulva

Nonneoplastic Epithelial Disorders of Vulvar Skin and Mucosa


Lichen sclerosis (lichen sclerosis et atrophicus)

Squamous cell hyperplasia (hyperplastic dystrophy without atypia)

Other dermatoses

Lichen planus


The above terminology has replaced the use of the term vulvar "dystrophy" which lacks histopathologic specificity. The presence of cytologic" atypia" excludes a lesion from this category and places it in vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VlN)

Lichen sclerosis

A cutaneous disease affecting predominantly postmenopausa women

May also affect nongenital sites

Patients may have increased incidence of autoimmune disease

Clinically, pale white depigmented plaque of labia. Advanced cases may lead to agglutination of the labia and stenosis of the introitus

Other dermatoses

The majority of the vulva is skin or modified skin; therefore, any primary skin disease can affect the vulva

Lichen planus


Lichen simplex chronicus

Condyloma Acuminata and VIN

Condyloma acuminata