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Meningitis, Other CNS Infections and Sepsis

Mediators of Meningeal Inflammation

Tumor necrosis factor alpha Prostaglandins

Interleukin - 1 Interleukin gamma

Interleukin - 6 Platelet-activating factor

Interleukin -8 Nitric Oxide

Interleukin - 10 White blood cell products

Macrophage inflammatory proteins 1 & 2

  SIRS and Sepsis: a Continuum

SIRS-- Presence of two or more of the following: altered temperature, tachypnea, tachycardia and abnormal WBC

SEPSIS --SIRS with proven/suspected microbial etiology

Sepsis Meningitis

SEVERE SEPSIS --Sepsis with signs of organ dysfunction

SEPTIC SHOCK-- SEPSIS with hypotension and multiple organ dysfunction (may become refractory)

Bacteriology and Outcome of Pediatric Sepsis

Outcome of Pediatric Sepsis

Complications of Severe Meningococcemia

Initial Empiric Therapy for Sepsis



Anti-staph + aminoglycoside, or cephalosporin