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Constipation is common in infants and children, and the problem usually is a short-lived and without significant long-term consequences. Constipation usually resolves after modification of the child's fluid and dietary regimen, although a stool softener must sometimes be

I. Pathophysiology

  • A. Chronic constipation is rarely caused by an anatomic or pathophysiologic abnormality. Persistent difficulty with the passage of stool may often lead to impaction, stool withholding, and
    Conditions Associated With Constipation
    Condition constipation, constipated Constipation Constipation Common Causes Constipation Constipation
    Lack of Fecal Bulk High carbohydrate consipation constipation or high Constipation Constipation protein diet


    Abnormally Hard constipation Stools Excessive cow milk Constipation intake
    Abnormally Dry Stools Dehydration

    Infantile renal acidosis

    Diabetes insipidus

    Idiopathic hypercalcemia

    Nervous System Constipation Lesion Constipation Constipation Spinal cord lesions Constipation Constipation
    Mechanical Constipation Obstruction Constipation Constipation Anorectal stenotic lesions