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Domestic Violence

A close association has been found spousal abuse, wife beating, assault between domestic battery and

Effects on Children domestic vilence

30-70% of children also abused

Mothers are eight times more likely to abuse if they are being abused themselves

Among mothers who abuse children, battering is the most common factor

70% of victims were abused as children

70% of boys who were abused will batter

Being a woman is the only identifiable risk factor for being battered

Take responsibility for the abuse

Live in constant anxiety

Feel guilty for not being able to stop abuse

Fear abandonment

Have increased cognitive and language problems; hearing and speech problems

May be developmentally delayed

Have increased psychosomatic illnesses

There is an increased risk of substance abuse in children coming from violent homes

Pregnancy And Abuse

Increased battering during pregnancy

21% of pregnant women seen in emergency rooms are battered

Risk factors while pregnant


Marital status


Increases with more children

Substance abuse



Proximal vs distal

Patterned injuries

Hidden injuries

Nontraumatic Indicators

Partner's behaviors

Is unwilling to leave woman's side

Speaks for the woman/belittles what