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Abnormalities of Linear Growth

I. Normal growth

A. Growth is an index of general health, nutrition, and growth, genetics

B. Between 2 years of age and the onset of puberty, children maintain the same percentile on growth curve. A growth rate of growth less than 5 cm/yr after age 3 years, requires further assessment.

C. Deviations from the normal pattern endocrinologic disorders, abnormalities of linear growth can be caused by to wide variety of endocrine and non-endocrine disorders. Tall stature, short stature, midget, short, slow growth

II. Short Stature

A. Defined as height below the third endocrinologic disorders, abnormalities of linear growth, tall stature, short stature, midget, short height percentile (<1.88 SD) for age and sex. The pattern of growth, rather than absolute position on growth curve, is the most critical factor.