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I *Iatrogenic disorders -- Immunodeficiencies -- Immunofluorescent stains -- Impetigo Impingement syndrome -- Infectious diseases Infectious mononucleosis -- Influenza C virus Influenza vaccine -- Intercostal muscle cramps, pain of Interferon(s) -- Intestinal cestodes (tapeworms) Intestinal disease -- Intracerebral hemorrhage Intracerebral leukocytostasis -- Iron Iron chelation therapy, for thalassemias -- Isosporiasis (Isospora belli) -- Isotretinoin, for acne -- Ixodes


Iatrogenic disorders [ch1 34]



[see: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)]


dosage [ch12 Table1]

for fever [ch17 41]

poisoning/overdosage [ch391 163]

Ichthyosis, in HIV disease [ch308 255]

Icterus [ch45 1]


[see also: Jaundice]

in pancreatitis [ch304 50]

Idarubicin, for cancer [ch86 69]

Ideational apraxia [ch25 23]

Ideomotor apraxia [ch25 22]

Idioventricular rhythm, accelerated (slow VT) [ch231 76]

and myocardial infarction [ch243 97]

Idoxuridine (IUdR) [ch183 34]

for HSV [ch183 34] [ch184 39]


for cancer [ch86 76]

cystitis from [ch104 74]

nephrotoxicity [ch270 12]

for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma [ch113 57]

for testicular tumors [ch98 25]

for urothelial tract malignancies [ch96 Table3]

IgH gene [ch84 Table4]

IkB molecule [ch83 26]

Ileal-rectal anastomosis, for ulcerative colitis [ch286 76]

Ileal resection

cobalamin deficiency and [ch108 36]

and malabsorption [ch285 61]

Ileitis, terminal, Yersinia [ch164 37] [ch164 49]

Ileoanal anastomosis, for ulcerative colitis [ch286 76]


continent, for ulcerative colitis [ch286 76]

for Crohn's disease [ch286 81]

Ileum, distal, diseases of, diarrhea from [ch42 36]


adynamic [ch289 1] [ch289 2] [ch289 7]

treatment [ch289 15]

drug-induced [ch69 Table1]

dynamic (spastic) [ch289 1]

in sepsis [ch124 20]

Iliopsoas bursitis [ch326 72]

Imaging techniques [ch1 24]


[see also: individual modalities]

Imbalance [ch21 61-90]

algorithm for interpretation [ch21 Figure9]

defined [ch21 61]

differential diagnosis [ch21 72-78]

examination for [ch21 71]

pathogenesis [ch21 Figure6] [ch21 Figure7] [ch21 Figure8] [ch21 62-69]

with sensory ataxia [ch21 76]

with vestibular dysfunction [ch21 75]


for amebiasis [ch215 Table1]

for dermatophytosis [ch55 39]

systemic [ch202 12-20]

topical [ch202 7]

Iminoglycinuria [ch350 19] [ch350 Table1]

Iminopeptiduria [ch349 Table1]

Imipenem [ch140 75]


for pneumonia [ch255 Table8]

in renal failure [ch68 Table3]

for nontuberculous mycobacteria [ch170 61]

pharmacokinetics [ch140 Table3]

for pneumococcal infections [ch141 29]

resistance [ch140 75]


for pain, dosage [ch12 Table1]

for panic disorders [ch385 11]

poisoning/overdosage [ch391 189]

Immediate type hypersensitivity [ch310]


[see also: Hypersensitivity, immediate-type]


in the elderly [ch9 61-67]

consequences of [ch9 63]

treatment [ch9rx2]

and hypercalcemia [ch354 90-91]

and incontinence [ch9 41]

and venous thrombosis [ch248 61]

Immune-complex formation [ch305 75]

Immune-mediated injuries [sc2ch310]

ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis, and undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy [ch317]

Behçet's syndrome [ch318]

dermatomyositis/polymyositis [ch315]

immediate type hypersensitivity [ch310]

nephropathies [ch276 29-34]

protein-energy malnutrition and [ch74 15]

rheumatoid arthritis [ch313]

sarcoidosis [ch320]

Sjögren's syndrome [ch316]

skin diseases [ch311]

systemic lupus erythematosus [ch312]

systemic sclerosis [ch314]

from transfusions [ch115 39-48]

vasculitis syndromes [ch319]

in women [ch6 24]

Immune system

age-related changes in [ch9 Table1]

B cells [ch305 Figure7] [ch305 Figure8] [ch305 28-35] [ch305 Table5]


[see also: B cell(s)]

CD classification of human lymphocyte differentiation antigens [ch305 3] [ch305 Table2]

cellular interactions in regulation of [ch305 Figure10] [ch305 Figure11] [ch305 54-61]

clinical functional evaluation [ch305 86] [ch305 Table10]

complement system [ch305 Figure12] [ch305 62-66] [ch305 Table8]

cytokines [ch305 4-6]


[see also: Cytokines]

dendritic/Langerhans cells [ch305 41]

follicular dendritic cells [ch305 42]

HIV disease and [ch308 98-108] [ch308 Table9]

immunoglobulins [ch305 Figure9] [ch305 47-53] [ch305 Table7]


[see also: Immunoglobulin(s)]

infections and [ch120 19-23]

interventional immunotherapy [ch305 87-88]

large granular lymphocytes (NK cells) [ch305 36-38]

mechanisms of damage [ch305 67-85]

anaphylaxis [ch305 76]

autoimmune disease [ch305 80-83]

cellular and molecular control of apoptosis [ch305 Figure14] [ch305 84-85]

cytotoxic reaction of antibody [ch305 77]

delayed-type hypersensitivity [ch305 78-79]

immune-complex formation [ch305 75]

molecular basis of lymphocyte-endothelial cell interactions [ch305 Figure13] [ch305 69-74] [ch305 Table9]

monocytes-macrophages [ch305 39-40]

neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils [ch305 43-46] [ch305 Table6]

overview of [ch305]

disorders [sc1ch305] [ch305 Table1]


[see also: individual disorders]

parasitic infections and [ch212 8]

phenotypes and function of cells [ch305 Figure2] [ch305 7-46] [ch305 Table3]


[see also: individual cells]

T cells [ch305 Figure3] [ch305 Figure4] [ch305 Figure5] [ch305 Figure6] [ch305 10-27] [ch305 Table4]


[see also: T cell(s)]

Immunization [ch122] [ch10 20] [ch10 Table2]


[see also: Vaccines and individual vaccines]

access to [ch122 58-62] [ch122 Table11] [ch122 Table12]

active [ch122 4]

approaches [ch122 6]

adjuvant potentiation [ch122 11]

for adolescents [ch8 45]

age and [ch122 10]

contraindications and precautions [ch122 Table6]

cost-effectiveness of [ch11 31]

definitions [ch122 4] [ch122 Table2]

for the elderly [ch9 84]

financing [ch122 61-62]

herd immunity [ch122 18]

hypersensitivity reactions [ch122 15]

impact of [ch122 3]

for infants and children [ch122 Figure2] [ch122 41] [ch122 Table4]

international considerations [ch122 72-74]

mucosal immunity [ch122 16]

National Vaccine Injury Compensation program [ch122 65]

passive [ch122 4]


[see also: Immunoglobulin(s)]

approaches [ch122 7-8]

postexposure [ch122 52] [ch122 Table9]

principles [ch122 5]

reemergence of controlled disease [ch122 70]

research [ch122 68-71]

response to [ch122 12-17]

measurement of [ch122 17]

primary [ch122 13]

secondary [ch122 14]

role of industry [ch122 64]

route of administration [ch122 9]

sources of information on [ch122bl1]

standards for practice [ch122 63] [ch122 Table14]

target populations [ch122 19-22]

timing [ch122 19-22]

for viruses [ch182 50]

Immunoblotting [ch65 44] [ch65 Table2]


[see also: Western blot]

Immunocompromised host



[see: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease]

aspergillosis in [ch208 2] [ch208 7]

brain abscess in [ch377 46]

bronchiectasis in [ch256 6-7]

from cancer


[see: Cancer]

from cancer chemotherapy


[see: Chemotherapy]

chest infiltrates in [ch87 Table5]

cytomegalovirus in [ch187 18-25] [ch187 Table1]

Epstein-Barr virus in [ch186 17-18]

esophagitis [ch283 53]

fungal sinusitis in [ch30 20]

herpes simplex virus in [ch184 9]

orofacial infections [ch184 18]

treatment [ch183 Table1] [ch184 Table1]

human papillomavirus in [ch190 9]

listeriosis in [ch145 9]

measles in [ch196 16]

meningitis in [ch378 22]

mycobacterial infections, nontuberculous, in [ch173 11-15]



[see: Neutropenia]

nodular eruptions in [ch18 19]

osteomyelitis in [ch132 14]

parvovirus B19 in [ch189 4] [ch189 10]

pneumonia in [ch255 19]

prophylactic antibiotics for [ch136 Table4] [ch136 Table5]

Pseudomonas aeruginosa in [ch157 17-19]

from transplantation


[see: Transplantation and specific organ transplants]

vaccines for [ch122 50-51] [ch122 Table8]

and travel [ch136 52]

varicella-zoster virus in [ch185 19] [ch185 25]

treatment [ch183 Table1] [ch185 29]

Immunodeficiencies [ch305 Table1]


[see also: individual disorders]

acquired [ch305 Table1]


[see also: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease]

antibody [ch305 Table1]

bone marrow transplantation for [ch116 36]

cellular, evaluation [ch307 25-27]

combined [ch305 Table1]

humoral, evaluation [ch307 22-24]

immunoglobulins [ch307 48-64]


[see also: Immunoglobulin deficiency syndromes]

metabolic abnormalities and [ch307 73]

occupational/environmental exposures and [ch5 20]

primary [ch307] [ch305 Table1]


[see also: specific immunodeficiencies]

classification [ch307 28-78] [ch307 Table2]

clinical disease features [ch307 2-9]

evaluation [ch307 21-27]

T and B cell differentiation and [ch307 10-20]

secondary, classification [ch307 29]

severe combined (SCID) [ch307 32-37]

bone marrow transplantation for [ch116 36]

syndromes associated with [ch305 Table1]

T cell [ch307 38-47]


[see also: T cell immunodeficiency and specific diseases]

with thymoma [ch307 68]

treatment [ch307rx2]

I *Iatrogenic disorders -- Immunodeficiencies -- Immunofluorescent stains -- Impetigo Impingement syndrome -- Infectious diseases Infectious mononucleosis -- Influenza C virus Influenza vaccine -- Intercostal muscle cramps, pain of Interferon(s) -- Intestinal cestodes (tapeworms) Intestinal disease -- Intracerebral hemorrhage Intracerebral leukocytostasis -- Iron Iron chelation therapy, for thalassemias -- Isosporiasis (Isospora belli) -- Isotretinoin, for acne -- Ixodes


Ichthyosiform Dermatoses

Ichthyosiform Erythroderma

Ichthyosiform Dermatoses

Ichthyosis (Acquired)

Ichthyosis (Lamellar)

Id Reaction (Autoeczematization)

Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura





Immune Complex Disease

Immunoglobulin A Deficiency

Immunoglobulin D Deficiency

Immunoglobulin M Deficiency

Immunoglobulin G Deficiency

Immunoproliferative Small Intestinal Disorder (Alpha Heavy Chain Disease)


Incontinentia Pigmenti

Infantile Digital Fibromatosis

Infantile Hemangioma

Inferior Vena Caval Thrombosis

Infertile Male Syndrome


Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Infrainguinal Occlusive Disease

Insect Bites

Insecticide Poisoning


Insulin Resistance


Internal Jugular Vein Thrombosis


Intestinal Flukes

Intestinal Perforation

Intestinal Leiomyosarcoma

Intestinal Leiomyoma

Intestinal Polypoid Adenomas

Intestinal Radiation Injury

Intestinal Fistulas

Intestinal Motility Disorders

Intestinal Pseudoobstruction

Intestinal Lymphangiectasia

Intraabdominal Sepsis

Iodine Deficiency

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Poisoning

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Isoniazid Hepatotoxicity


Isovaleric Acidemia

Itai-Itai Disease