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Pruritus Ani

Pruritus ani is characterized by the intense desire to scratch the skin around the anal orifice. It occurs in 1% of the population. Pruritus ani may be related to fecal leakage.

Patients report an escalating pattern of itching and scratching in the perianal region. These symptoms may be worse at night. Anal itch

Perianal Abscess

The anal glands, located in the base of the anal crypts at the level of the dentate line, are the most common source of perianal infection. Acute infection presents as an abscess, and chronic infection results in a fistula.

The most common symptoms of perianal abscess are swelling and pain. Fevers and chills may occur. Perianal abscess is common in

Management of perianal abscess. Perianal abscesses are treated with incision and drainage. If the abscess is small, incision and perianal abscess, pruritus ani, pruritis, anal itching