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Sexual Disfunction

Clinical Evaluation of Sexual Disfunction

Sexual difficulty can be caused by a lack of communication, insufficient stimulation, a lack of understanding of vaginismus, sexual disfunction sexual response, lack of a nurturing environment, physical discomfort, or fear of infection.

The effectiveness of sexual stimulation should be evaluated.

Classification of Sexual Disfunction

Lack of Arousal

Difficulty becoming sexually aroused may occur if there is insufficient foreplay, or if either partner is emotionally distracted.

Arousal phase dysfunction may be manifest by insufficient vasocongestion.

Sensate Focus Exercises. In these exercises, the woman and her partner take turns caressing each other's body, except for the genital area. When caressing becomes pleasurable for both partners, they move on to manual genital stimulation, and then to further

Lack of Orgasm

Lack of orgasm should be considered a problem only if the patient or her partner perceives it as one. 90% of women are able to experience orgasm.

At-Home Methods of Overcoming Dysfunction