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Common Skin Diseases

I. Alopecia Areata

Linear Nevus Syndrome
This sporadic condition is characterized by a facial nevus and neurodevelopmental abnormalities. The nevus is located on the forehead and nose, and tends to be midline in its distribution. It may be quite faint during infancy but later becomes hyperkeratotic with a yellow-brown appearance. More than one half of the patients have a seizure disorder and are mentally retarded. The seizures may be generalized myoclonic or focal motor. Most patients have normal CT studies, although hemimegalencephaly with hamartomatous changes has been reported. Focal neurologic signs including hemiparesis and homonymous hemianopia are more common in this group.

II. Scabies

III. Acne Rosacea

IV. Seborrheic Dermatitis

V. Drug Eruptions