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The Staphylococci


Differentiation of micrococci

Protein A

Virulence Factors staphylococcal infections, streptococci, cellulitis, flesh eating bacteria, flesh-eating bacteria

Cell Wall:




A. Normal Flora - Anterior nares, skin, vagina

B. Strain Differential (Examples)

*Strain cycles occur every 5 - 10 years

C. Predisposing conditions:

Clinical Syndromes

Virulence Factors Capsule Enterotoxins Exfoliatins TSST -1

Clinical Findings Cellulitis Vomiting Painful Shock

Diagnosis Culture Food Clinical Clinical

Treatment Drain Fluids Antibiotics Drain Focus

Negative blood cultures (except for S. aureus)

B. TSS Model Reproduced with permission from

Colonization I