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Early Detection and Treatment of Cutaneous Neoplasms  Skin Cancer

Arises from any part of the skin

Skin cancer may involve the epidermis, dermis, neural crest, epidermal appendages, nerves, blood vessels, or any specialized cellular elements within these structures

Most common


Difficult at accurately access, not all recorded

Approximately 800,000 new NMSC annually in the US

Approximately 36,000 new Melanoma annually in the US

Skin cancer comprises 1/3 of all cancers diagnosed skin cancer malignant melanoma squamous cell carcinoma basal cell carcinoma

1 out of 5 individuals will have a skin cancer in their lifetime


More common in:

Incidence increased with decreasing latitude



Ultraviolet radiation especially UVB and UVA

Genotype and phenotype

Environmental exposure

Death Rates