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Osteoporotic bone is histologically normal, but thinning bones, bone bone mass is diminished. The skeleton unable to support normal weight or forces during use, thinning bones, bone causing an increased fracture risk.

Trabeculae - "bridging" lattice network of bone. Trabeculae are thin and there is loss of "connectivity"

Bone loss increases with increasing age. Peak bone mass is attained at age 20 - 30.

Bone mass decreases sharply with menopause because of estrogen deficiency.

Bone mineral density correlates directly with biomechanical strength and decreased fracture risk.

Osteoporosis. 24 million Americans have thinning of the bones, and it is more common than stroke, heart attack, diabetes. 1.3 million fractures per year. Cost $7 - $10 billion per annum.

Fractures: 50% in vertebrae. 25% in hip. Of women 65 and over, 25% will sustain a vertebral fracture by age 90, 1/3 women.