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Rheumatic and Vasculitic Disorders


Lupus is an episodic, multi-system autoimmune disease.

Widespread inflammation of blood vessels and connective tissue is characteristic

Autoantibody production

Epidemiology of Lupus

Prevalence in adults is 30/100,000

Prevalence in children is unknown. There are 10,000 cases/year in the U.S.

Age of onset is 10-20

Female to male ratio = 5:1 in childhood (2:1 under age 10)

Prevalence of SLE in African and Asian young women approaches 1/2000

Higher prevalence rates in Hispanics, Native Americans

Clinical Features of Lupus

The lupus triad





Cutaneous findings

Musculoskeletal symptoms

Renal abnormalities

Cardiopulmonary manifestations