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Genital Warts

A preparation of 20% to 40% podophyllin in compound tincture of benzoin is used to treat macerated genital warts . It must be applied sparingly, only to the wart, and allowed to dry thoroughly before the patient dresses. The medication is washed off by the patient 1 to 4 hours after application. Repeat treatment is the rule. Podophyllin is contraindicated in pregnancy. Podofilox 0.2% (Condylox) is available for the treatment of external genital warts in both men and women. It is a purified fraction of podophyllin resins and is the first prescription product for treatment of warts safe for self-application at home. It is applied for 3 consecutive days, followed by 4 days of no treatment, and repeated if the warts persist.

The carbon dioxide laser is quite useful in destroying large numbers of verrucae in the vagina or around the anus. The procedure is carried out in an operating-room environment. The postoperative morbidity is much less than when conventional methods are used.

Evaluation for concurrent venereal disease is mandatory in patients presenting with genital warts.