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New Treatments for Head lice

Head lice, another problem. Iíve been involved with head lice too. I probably went in and bought the family size nits about a year ago at the drugstore. Last school year 80% of the school districts had at least one outbreak so thereís a lot of this. Six million elementary children, one in four, had lice. If you add the siblings and the parents, thatís 10 million Americans, $100 million spent on lice remedies. The female louse crawls on the childís head. They donít fly.

I donít know how well you can see this, I show this just because the person doesnít have much hair but thereís some live lice here and then itís covered with nits. In this case you can see both. Usually you are not going to see the live lice as much as the nits. It's important to be able to diagnose nits under the microscope, because if they had nits like a hot-dog bun wrapped around the hair. It doesnít have the nice detailed structure that the nit has.

It doesnít transmit disease, although most of the studies havenít been done. You can get group A strep and staph infections. You need a clean scalp for the blood meal, so when the parents say, "I feel so terrible, Iím not taking good care of my child." You can say, ĎNo, your child has such a nice clean scalp that they appeal to the lice."

Thereís been a big breakthrough in the nit business, which youíll see in there. The treatment; again Nix seems to be the best in the most recent study I could find. Everyone has their own favorites. Vaseline, which suffocates the lice

Elimite is good under a shower cap at night, Septra and Bactrim kill the symbiotic bacteria. I donít really suggest that as a treatment but it will get rid of it. Again, ivermectin. One dose. You may 

The "Lice Meister Nit Comb". It doesnít pull or tear. It works on wet, damp or dry hair. And there is a number in your thing on how to order it. When you really get frustrated and you are really down to, "What am I going to do."