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Paranoid personality disorder

Paranoid personality disorder includes people who are characteristically angry, they are suspicious, often litigious, secretive, they are unpleasant people. People you donít like because theyíve always got some kind of grudge.

They often engage in a variety of feuds at work or wherever. If you remember when you were a little kid there was always one house on the block where some paranoid personality disorder.

These are generally men, but they donít have to be. They are frequently married to women who are very passive, who just kind of put up with it and therefore their marriages may be stable, although not particularly happy. The co-morbidity for this group of people is that they are not infrequently alcoholic or have other substance abuse types of problems. Depression, panic disorder and obsessive/compulsive disorder are the kinds of problems.

Antisocial personality. This has also been called dry rot of the superego, or cancer of the conscience or various terms like that. These are people we basically donít like because they donít follow the rules of society. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they are irresponsible. They are the people who often end up in prison because of their antisocial behaviors. The are very frequently promiscuous and they often leave a trail of children behind them that they do not support. They are very poor at running away, abandoning their families, new families, things of that type. They are also very insensitive to other people, may engage in unthinking cruel behaviors to others or to animals.